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When you open a message , a new toolbar appears, giving you more options for the specific page you are on.

The Message Toolbar:

Reference Chart:

Term/Icon Name/Alternate Text Action It Performs
Back to PreviousBack to PreviousTakes you back to the previous mailbox
New MessageNew MessageCreates a new e-mail message*
ReplyReplyReplies to the sender of the message.
Reply AllReply AllReplies to all senders of the e-mail, including forwarders
Forward as AttachmentForward as AttachmentForwards the message as an attachment
Print FriendlyPrintDisplays a printable version of the message
CalendarCalendarOpens the calendar
LogoutLogoutExits your Open Webmail session

Additional Message Icons:

Term/Icon Name/Alternate Text Action It Performs
Import Address Book [sender]Import Address Book [sender]Adds the sender of the e-mail to your address book.
Block SenderBlock SenderBlocks the sender by adding a filter.
Block SMTP RelayBlock SMTP RelayBlocks the SMTP Relay of that message (the server that forwarded the message)

There is a second small toolbar below the message:

The "Back to Previous" performs the same action as the one on the chart above.  The Left and Right arrows accompanying the "1" are for browsing between multiple messages in the mailbox (the left arrow navigates to the previous message, the right arrow navigates to the next message).  The number in between the arrows tells you what message you are viewing (1 specifies the 1st message in the mailbox).

The drop menu in which the text  Select Stationery for Reply  is in, allows you to select what stationery you would like to use for a reply.  Open the menu to display a list of stationery you have made.  Once you have selected one, you will be able to reply to the message with the stationery you selected.  If you do not have any stationery set up, click the stationery button ( ) after which you will be able to edit and/or create new stationery.  For a definition of stationery see The Settings Toolbar .

* If you are viewing a message in the drafts folder (see Managing Your Folders ), this button will Edit the message, rather than start a new one.

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