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You may also want to add an Attachment to your e-mail. An attachment is a file that you send with your e-mail if it cannot be viewed within the e-mail text. This allows the receiver of the e-mail to retrieve the file for viewing in a different application, other than Open Webmail (or whatever e-mail client they may use). However, the receiver must have a proper application for viewing the file.  Attachments can be useful for sending e-mails with text in which you want to retain the formatting.  DOC is popular format (Microsoft Word Document or Windows WordPad Document), as well as RTF (Rich Text Format).  You can also send images for them to open.  Again, be sure that this person has a proper viewing application for the file you are sending them, or they will not be able to open it for viewing.

To add an attachment, click "Browse", by the attachment box. This will open up a dialogue box that allows you to choose a file to attach to your e-mail.  Use this dialogue box to locate the file you wish to attach to your e-mail message.  Once you have selected the file you wish to attach, click "Open", and then click "Add".  Please be patient as your file is attached, because it may require you to wait several seconds, or possibly minutes, depending o n the size of the file you are attaching, and the speed of your internet connection.  Note that file is only attached after you click the "Add" button.  You can perform these actions again to attach another file.

If you accidentally attached a file by mistake, click [Del] by the file you wish to delete.

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